Salena's Flavor of the Week - Brutes 'Rossa Himmel' 2020

Salena's Flavor of the Week - Brutes 'Rossa Himmel' 2020

By this point in the summer, you may be experiencing rosé overload. Perhaps a bit bored with all the light pink wine that has become ubiquitous with the season; seemingly served at every social gathering from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It's time you changed things up and today's wine is the perfect antidote.

Hailing from Sweden, this brisk and zippy sparkling rosé cider strikes a perfect balance between freshly picked fruit and savory electric acidity. Literally translating to 'pink sky', 'Rossa Himmel' is the flagship rosé from a young and talented group of cider makers who have set out to create their own version of the light, chill-able red wines they love to drink.

Brutes has elevated sparkling ciders to a sphere that is peerless as far as we can tell. This bone-dry and utterly refreshing bottling is one of our most exciting finds as of late, and an ideal late summer companion. 
2020 Brutes 'Rosa Himmel' Rosé Fruit Wine - $34.99

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Having bonded over a mutual love of wine, the gang behind Brutes set out soon after to produce their own effervescent beverages born from the fruit-rich land of Sweden. With a population seemingly higher in apple trees than people, and a cultural history of foraging wild fruit, Brutes has connected the two in perfect unison. Their enthusiasm for winemaking has led them to produce 'cider' (or as they say 'fruit pet' nats') that blurs the lines between wine and cider. 

The fruit is crushed and left to macerate for varying lengths before pressing, the extended maceration offering structure and body to their singular ciders. They incorporate wild-picked berries from nearby woods, bringing complexities in both flavor and texture. 
Hand harvested Swedish apples from very old orchards undergo a four month maceration with blueberries and chokeberries (aka aronia, a Swedish 'superfood' rich in antioxidants). 100% organic, bottled un-fined and unfiltered. 

Opens up with loads of crisp apple, blue and black berries, rosewater and spice. The palate is dry and fruity with crisp acidity followed by a mouthwatering salty, earthy note. With fine bubbles and a silky texture, this is a one-of-a-kind experience; a sparkling rosé that pushes beverage boundaries.