Salena's Flavor of the Week - Fond Cyprès 'Cyprès de Toi' Blanc 2021

Salena's Flavor of the Week - Fond Cyprès 'Cyprès de Toi' Blanc 2021

This wine is energetic, crisp, fun-loving and an absolute tonic for these blazing days of summer. The warm and sunny Languedoc might not be the first place you look when searching for mineral-driven Chardonnay with taut, lemony acids, but this wine is exactly that. It's grown on an outcropping of calcareous soils in the appellation of Corbières, which impart the wine with verve and brightness not found in most southern whites. Another contrarian and assumption busting wine, the kind Monarch loves so much. 

Today's wine from Fond Cyprès has quickly become our go-to summer wine. We like keeping a couple of cold bottles on hand at all times for when we need an ice-cold glass to satisfy and cool us to the core.   
2021 Fond Cyprès 'Cyprès de Toi' Blanc - $29.99

*Special Newsletter Price - $26.99

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Laetitia Ourliac & Rodolphe Gianesini are intent on making wines that express the finer side of the Languedoc. Resting at a higher elevation, their wines are rich in finesse, deep with complexities but light on their feet.

Since day one, this duo has consciously put organic techniques at the forefront of their process, and while they are serious about winemaking, they have not lost sight of the fun, lighthearted characteristics that has bonded. Fond Cyprès today produces some of the best wines in the Languedoc, characterized by their attractive fragrance, elegant and silky texture, and exquisite balance.
100% Chardonnay, organically grown on calcareous and blue marl soils. The vineyards sit at high elevations with cooling northwest winds cancelling out the hot, humid air in the east. Fermented and aged in stainless steel to preserve the fruit's freshness. 

Aromas of Asian pear, green apple, citrus and thyme. On the palate, freshly squeezed lemon and salty minerals are complimented by a tinge of brisk acidity and a note of Provençal herbs. A delightful and meaningful wine. Keep cool and sip on.