Exclusive: 2018 Colombera & Garella Lessona

Exclusive: 2018 Colombera & Garella Lessona

I certainly taste a lot of wine. And the simple fact that I can still be stopped in my tracks by a heartbreakingly beautiful bottle of wine, well that's why Monarch exists.

This exclusive is from a producer that is no stranger to our shelves, but this warm 2018 vintage is so open, so generous and so downright delicious upon its release, I bought the lot of it.

A Nebbiolo from sandy, maritime soils in the northern reaches of Piemonte, the soft and lacy texture almost defies its serious concentration and deep complexity. Imagine the ethereal, truffle-like qualities of heady Barolo, but without the dense tannic grip.

There are so many examples of powerfully impressive wines, but it's these rare, quiet beauties that draw you in and remind you of why wine is magical.

I am proud to offer the only bottles of 2018 Colombera & Garella, Lessona in South Carolina!   
2018 Colombera & Garella, Lessona - $53.99


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Set in the Italian Alps, on the border of Switzerland, the Alto Piemonte is on the rise. Destined to be as sought after as the mystical wines of Barolo and Barbaresco, this is undoubtedly Italy's next superstar region.

On the fast track to stardom are Giacomo Colombera & Cristiano Garella, who have become one of the region's most well-known producers. These wines are so elegant, so beautiful, they evoke a majestic feeling that sticks with you long after the bottle is gone. 
Comprised of 95% Nebbiolo with a touch of Vespolina from the Pizzaguerra vineyard at 450m elevation. The grapes are handpicked by Giacomo's family and one single employee (Bian). Fermented with ambient yeasts in concrete tanks, then aged for 2 years in used, large French oak. Bottled without filtration.

A remarkable nose of crushed raspberry, blueberry, freshly picked rose petal and a touch of damp earth. Fine and elegant tannins support the juicy-fruited palate complemented seamlessly by eucalyptus and clove. This is a Nebbiolo like no other.  
Justin Coleman
Monarch Wine Merchants