Exclusive: 2018 Les Matheny Chardonnay

Exclusive: 2018 Les Matheny Chardonnay

I would call today's Chardonnay from the Jura downright Burgundian. It shares all the traits that make Burgundy the world's greatest expression of the grape, but by describing it as such, I would actually be doing this wine a great disservice. Today's wine carries Burgundian elegance and class in a way that can only be described as electric. The vines are grown in diatomaceous soils, which combined with high elevation, lend this wine a bolt of acidity and minerality that make it feel like you're drinking a bottle of Puligny-Montrachet plugged into a socket.    

Perhaps no French wine region has vaulted into fame recently as quickly as the Jura. This laid back, rugged and mountainous landscape has a long and deep viticultural history that has until recently been overlooked by its more illustrious neighbor to the west, Burgundy. It's wines such as this one, from a long time understudy of the great Jacques Puffeney, that have put Jura on the fine wine map. 

Today, I'm proud to offer the only bottles of 2018 Les Matheny, Arbois Chardonnay in South Carolina!    
2018 Les Matheny, Arbois Chardonnay - $51.99

*Special newsletter price - $48.99

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Jacques Puffeney was so important to the wines of the Jura, his nickname was 'The Pope.' It was Jacques' wines that opened the door for the world to see this region's magical and historic wines.

For eight years, Emeric Foléat worked under the tutelage of Puffeney before setting out on his own to establish Les Matheny with his wife Elise. Together they converted a small farmhouse into their winery and began making wine from a scant three hectares strewn across the Jura landscape. Both born and bred in the Jura, every move they make is rooted in local tradition. To drink their wines is to drink from a deep well of authenticity and beauty.    
From 45 year old Chardonnay vines planted over several parcels in Arbois. Each parcel is harvested and vinified seperatley in used, 600 liter French oak casks. Emeric decides on the final blend only after each individual wine develops its personality through time in barrel. 

The wine soars from the glass with ripe green apple, preserved Meyer lemon, honeysuckle, crushed rocks and a touch of marzipan. The palate is simultaneously firm and expansive, expertly balancing a broad mouthfeel with salty minerals and taut, exacting acidity. For such an assertive and flavorful wine to remain so straightforwardly delicious and elegant is rare indeed.