Exclusive: 2019 Les Grangeons De L'Albarine, Altiesse En Paradis

Exclusive: 2019 Les Grangeons De L'Albarine, Altiesse En Paradis

I suppose you'll just have to take my word on today's wine being one of the most spellbinding and delicious white wines I've had this year. A wine so tantalizing, I immediately purchased every bottle available. It's not Burgundy, or Loire Valley Chenin Blanc, though tasting it reminded me of a fascinating interplay of both. Rather it's made from a little known grape called Altesse and grown in the high altitude, alpine region of Bugey; a rugged and wild place just south of the Jura that was once considered part of eastern Burgundy until finally achieving Appellation Contrôlée status in 2009.

Viticulture on the steep limestone cliffs of this region is extremely difficult, but the results are perfectly reflected in the glass. This wine displays its beautiful alpine terroir in the form of lovely, fragrant orchard fruit and elegant meadow florals, cut by deep, almost bracing minerals, and a spine of acidity that can only be achieved from these dizzying elevations.

This is one of those perfect and illusive white wines that deftly walks a fine line between profound concentration and sheer levity. A wine that needs to be tasted to be believed.

Today, I'm proud to offer the only bottles of 2019 Les Grangeons de l'Albarine 'Altiesse en Paradis' in South Carolina!    
 2019 Les Grangeons de l'Albarine 'Altiesse en Paradis' - $42.99
To order, reply directly to this email or call me at 843.576.4845
Les Grangeons de L’Albarine is the work and dream of one man, Luc Baeur, who farms less than two hectares on the historical Coteau d’Argis. Before settling in Bugey, Luc worked with the likes of Domaine de la Soufrandière (Bret Brothers) in Burgundy and Philippe Jambon in Beaujolais. His land is situated on a beautiful south-west facing slope overlooking the Albarine river at the foot of the Roche de Narse, a small rocky mountain with dramatic 200m high limestone cliffs. 

The wines of Les Grangeons de l’Albarine are as pure and transparent as they come. They speak deeply of the forgotten region of Bugey and show absolute purity through each wine. I have not been as excited about a new producer for a while.
100% Altesse, from 70 year old vines grown biodynamically on a steep 35 degree slope. Hand harvested and fermented in used French oak barrels. Aged for 13 months before being bottled. 

A beautiful and finessed nose of green apple, pear, white flowers, and a touch of Chablis-like powdery chalk. The palate displays wonderful combinations and contrasts of taut minerality, crisp orchard fruit, mouth-watering acidity and soft, elegant textures. An unmatched, vivid white wine of pure class.