Exclusive: 2020 Breton Franc de Pied Bourgueil

Exclusive: 2020 Breton Franc de Pied Bourgueil

To put the specialness of this offer in perspective, a short history of wine in Europe, if I may: 

During the late 19th Century, almost every single grapevine was destroyed by Phylloxera, a bug that feeds on the roots and leaves of grapevines. Some estimates hold that between two-thirds and nine-tenths of all European vineyards were destroyed. To combat the epidemic vines were grafted on to American rootstocks, which are Phylloxera-resistant. 

Enter today's offer, a classic, Loire Valley Cabernet Franc who's vines have never been grafted on to American rootstock. There's a profound sense of purity to this wine, it digs a bit deeper than your average Cab Franc, delivering elegance, fruit, AND concentration simultaneously. A truly French wine, un-grafted and un-matched,

Today, I'm proud to offer the only bottles of 2020 Catherine & Pierre Breton 'Franc de Pied' Bourgueil in South Carolina!    
 2020 Catherine & Pierre Breton 'Franc de Pied' Bourgueil - $44.99
To order, reply directly to this email or call me at 843.576.4845
Catherine and Pierre Breton have been farming their 15 hectare vineyards organically since 1991 and biodynamically since 1997. Located between Tours and Samur in the Loire Valley, they specialize in red wines from the Chinon and Bourgueil appellations. Using indigenous yeasts for their fermentations, and only a very small amount of sulfur dioxide (typically 10 mg/liter added at bottling). All wines are unfiltered. Their goal is simple: to make wines that are a true expression of their terroir and vintage. The results are anything but simple, however.
100% Cabernet Franc farmed biodynamically on gravel soils. Hand harvested and fermented with native yeast in stainless steel where it ages for one year before it's bottled un-fined and unfiltered. 

A beautiful and striking nose of fresh raspberry, violet, crushed herbs, petrichor and a touch of anise. The purity of fruit on the palate is astonishingly vivid: red fruits coupled with earthy, rocky minerals, all balanced by cracking acidity. A wine of freshness AND depth, who's transparency can only come from un-grafted vines.