Exclusive: 2020 Foradori Nosiola

Exclusive: 2020 Foradori Nosiola

If what you seek in white wine is clarity, a pristine, laser-like focus and deep, cutting minerality, look no further than today's wine from Foradori. It's the closest thing to Premier or Grand Cru Chablis I've tasted outside of those wines themselves. A native to the Dolomites, the Nosiola grape in the hands of Foradori transmits this high elevation, rocky terrain in a definitive and transparent way, its lucidity and precision are simply jaw-dropping. 

Many wines often romanticize their ability to "transport", but this wine succeeds at that in spades through its' rocky, saline cut softened with delicate floral notes and crisp citrus fruit. I've been a massive fan of these wines for quite some time, and have tasted many vintages, but the 2020 stands alone in its sophistication, with all elements aligning in perfect harmony. This is a seamless white and at the top of its class in Italy. 

I am proud to offer the ONLY bottles of 2020 Foradori 'Fontanasanta' Nosiola in South Carolina!   
2020 Foradori 'Fontanasanta' Nosiola - $54.99
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*Special 2-PACK Price - $46.99/btl
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Reigning from Trentino, way up in the Dolomite mountain range, Elisabetta is a firm believer in the energy that these mountains give to her land. Conserving her heritage through vineyards fuels her passion, as she continues to dedicate herself to protecting the region through viticulture and biodiversity. It was her father's untimely death in 1984 that forced Elisabetta's hand in taking over the family winery at only 19. She has since become one of the most influential winemakers in the world.

Her philosophy is simple: trust the vines and make wines that are true reflections of indigenous grapes and their land.  
100% Nosiola. An ancient local variety, Nosiola has made a small comeback from near-extinction, thanks in large part to Foradori, who farms two hectares of it on clay-limestone soils. Whole berries ferment spontaneously and age in clay amphorae for 8 months, then in oak and acacia casks for 2 additional months before bottling.   

This wine is lucid and vibrant. Light in color and almost deceptive in its complexity. Aromas of lemon blossom, star fruit, fresh mountain herbs and crushed rocks. The palate is focused, tightly coiled and precise, bursting with lemon and stony, saline minerals. Chablis-like in many ways, this is a MUST try for any lover of stunning white wines.