Exclusive: 2021 JP Brun 'Le Rosé d'Folie'

Exclusive: 2021 JP Brun 'Le Rosé d'Folie'

The dregs of summer are here and the cooler temps of Autumn are too far away. Thankfully, there's rosé to the rescue. Today's lip-smacking version comes from one of my all-time top producers: the Beaujolais maestro Jean-Paul Brun.

Stop by Monarch at anytime and you're certain to find Brun's bottles on our shelves. Beaujolais is both his home and his speciality, and we love him for it. His 'Rosé d'Folie' is only ever made in small amounts, from Gamay grown across the region, and always in that perfectly dry, electric style that I love. My only wish is that he made more, as vintage after vintage, this is the rosé I eagerly anticipate. 

I encourage you to take advantage of today's offer, because although the shop takes in all the bottles we possibly can, once it's gone we'll have to wait another year for more. 

Today, I'm proud to offer the only bottles of 2021 Jean-Paul Brun 'Le Rosé d'Folie' in South Carolina! 
2021 JP Brun 'Le Rosé d'Folie' - $28.99

Special Newsletter Price - $26.99

*Special 3-Pack Price - $24.99/btl

To order, reply directly to this email or call me at 843.576.4845
Jean-Paul Brun, Beaujolais native and star, has championed the traditional winemaking practices of the region while also supporting more modern, organic farming methods. He rejects the laboratory yeasts and the chaptalizing techniques used by many producers in the region, and prefers to make honest, terroir reflective wines. Minimal sulfur additions are his standard, and the wines are always lightly fined and filtered. Beaujolais as it should be. 

Even with his intimate involvement in the wines, one of the shocking things about Brun is probably the breadth of production and farming he undertakes. Terres Dorées, Brun's domaine, spans more than 60 hectares of vines, producing a wine from almost every Cru in Beaujolais, as well as a Beaujolais Villages, a Nouveau, a Bourgogne Rouge, and today's rosé. 
100% organically-grown Gamay from parcels across Beaujolais. The grapes are hand-harvested and fermented with indigenous yeasts. The wine undergoes a short maceration and aging in stainless steel before being bottled with light fining and filtering. 

Tart red strawberry and cherry jump from the glass while more lush red fruit fill the palate, complemented by a savory rhubarb note. Tangy freshness underneath the fruit contrasts perfectly with a crisp mineral backbone and dry, refreshing finish. Serve chilled al-fresco as the perfect apéritif.