Exclusive: 2021 Lamoresca 'Nerocapitano'

Exclusive: 2021 Lamoresca 'Nerocapitano'

Recently a long time friend, and fellow wine pro (he curates private cellars), posed an interesting anecdote via text message. It was a picture of two glasses of red wine, both luminous, detailed and bright whose sparkle and translucence seemed to leap off the photo. Without revealing what wines they were, he explained that these are the types of wines he loves to drink, asking if I had any recommendations for others in a similar style. My mind immediately went to today's wine. 

A Frapatto grown in its' native soils of Sicily, the ethereal fragrance combination of red fruit, florals, and minerals is other-worldly. Possessing a combination of delicacy, elegance and purity reminiscent of fine Burgundy but with an added core of juicy fruit that makes it an absolute joy to drink. It's a wine I reach for frequently, satisfying my palette in a way few wines do.

What Lamoresca is doing with Frapatto in Sicily is as important as what Marcel Lapierre did for Gamay in Beaujolais or Michel Lafarge for Volnay in Burgundy. I encourage you to get in on the ground floor with this magical producer and take advantage of the multi-bottle discount being offered today.  

Today, I'm proud to offer the only bottles of 2021 Lamoresca 'Nerocapitano' Frappato in South Carolina!    
 2021 Lamoresca 'Nerocapitano' Frappato - $36.99

*SPECIAL 3-PACK PRICE - $32.99/btl
To order, reply directly to this email or call me at 843.576.4845
Filippo Rizzo makes 'true wine'. That is how he refers to the wines of Lamoresca, his one love besides his wife and partner Nancy. What does this concept mean to him? For Filippo, it's a matter of working and caring for his vines not just as a monoculture, but as a living farm and an extension of his home. 

He learned about low-impact farming while working with friend and fellow winemaker Frank Cornelissen, making wine high on the slopes of Mt. Etna. However, Lamoresca shines beyond just its' vineyards as the techniques utilized by Filippo (modern, natural wine making) are what define his wines, conveying more than an expression of terroir or climate but also precision and care. 
100% Frappato ('Nerocapitano' the variety's local name) grown on limestone and clay soils at 1400ft above sea level. Hand harvested, spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeast and aged in concrete through the winter. The wine is racked three times before it is bottled to stimulate its soaring aromatics.  

A voluminous and striking nose of cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, wildflowers and a touch of cacao nib. The silken palate is packed with detailed yet juicy, mouth-filling fruit, savory herbal and spice notes and cleansing acidity. As perfect as red wine gets.