Holiday Countdown 2022 (DAY 10) - Mas Julien 'Autour De Jonquières' 2014

Holiday Countdown 2022 (DAY 10) - Mas Julien 'Autour De Jonquières' 2014

These are the top wines that stood out among the thousands of wines I tasted this year. Some are always in stock, some are rare and hard to find, but all of them are sure to fill you with joy this Holiday Season.   
DAY 10:    
Telling you I saved the best for last would be a disservice to all the wonderful wines that came before...but I saved the best for last. Today's wine was one the most extraordinary wines I drank all year.

It's quite special to catch a wine at its zenith, the moment when all of its beautiful aromas, flavors and textures have been unlocked by time in bottle. It's fleeting and rare, but this wine from Languedoc icon Mas Julien is in the zone. Exuberantly perfumed with silken textures and layers of complexity that only a wine with age can achieve. An impressive wine putting forth all of its gloriously rich fruit, heady truffle and Mediterranean garrigue in a beautiful and seamless package.

We have been fortunate to source just a few bottles direct from importer Neil Rosenthal's cellar, where it has been resting since its release, s
o treat yourself to one of the most outstanding wines of the've earned it. 
Mas Julien 'Autour de Jonquières' Terrasses du Larzac 2014- $99.99


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Olivier Jullien grew up in the vineyards that his father and grandfather worked. As a boy in the late 70’s, Olivier witnessed the winegrowers’ uprisings in the region, provoked by poor economic conditions and the mass production of cheap, thoughtless wines. From a young age he believed that the Languedoc had the potential to make great wines.

After earning his degree in viticulture in 1985, he began farming some of his family’s vineyards, but also began looking around for the best sites in the surrounding area. At 22 he converted buildings on the family estate into a cellar and began producing his own wines under the Mas Jullien label. In a touching turn of events, Olivier’s success and passion inspired his father to withdraw from the local cooperative and create his own winery, Mas Cal Demoura, in 1993.

Olivier produces wines that speak of his native land in a way few have. His are wines which have changed the global perception of the Languedoc. 
A blend of ancient, low-yielding Mourvedre, Carignan and Syrah vines planted on a limestone plateau at high elevation. All the fruit it de-stemmed and fermented with indigenous yeast in concrete tanks, then transferred to large, used French oak barrels to age before being bottled. It spends an additional 6 months in bottle before release.  

A deep and brooding nose of black currant, grilled plum, black olive, thyme, rosemary and truffle. The assertive and rich palate never feels heavy or tiresome, carrying concentrated dark berry fruits over velvety tannins and perfumed violets. Astonishingly drinkable for a wine of such stature. Truly remarkable. 
Justin Coleman
Monarch Wine Merchants