Holiday Countdown 2023 (DAY 10) - Domaine Franck Peillot 'Montagnieu' Bugey Brut

Holiday Countdown 2023 (DAY 10) - Domaine Franck Peillot 'Montagnieu' Bugey Brut

These are the top wines that stood out among the thousands of wines I tasted this year. Some are always in stock, some are rare and hard to find, but all of them are sure to fill you with joy this Holiday Season.   
DAY 10:    
Champagne is my desert island wine. The only problem is I would have to be stranded on an island rich in precious metals and diamonds. What does the Champagne obsessed drink when the price tag doesn't match the quality? You pop a bottle of today's wine.  

Today's bubbly is produced using the same labor intensive, time consuming techniques of Champagne, but grown high in the Alpine foothills of Bugey. Located at the southern tip of the Jura, it's a region that shares Champagne's illustrious limestone soils as well as it's crisp and toasty flavor profile with a fine-beaded mousse.

I fell in love with the pure and vivid wines of Franck Peillot many years ago while working in the cellars of Balthazar and have been hunting them down with zeal ever since. This wine couldn't have arrived at a more opportune time, it is THE perfect bubbly for toasting with family and friends.   
40-year-old Chardonnay, Altesse and Mondeuse vines planted on limestone soils high in the alpine region of Bugey. The wine ferments in stainless steel tanks from harvest until the end of winter before being blended and bottled for secondary fermentation via Méthode Champenoise. The bottles age on the leess for a minimum of two years before disgorgement and corking. 

Incredibly crisp and crystalline, the nose is bright and floral, with lemon blossom, beeswax, pastry cream and yellow apple. The palate is linear and taut, with more bright citrus, toasted almonds, stone fruit and crushed slate minerality. Pop this with a good company and drink with abandon. 
Franck Peillot started working with his father in 1981, and took over the family estate in 1985. His mission has been clear from the beginning: to preserve the varieties and winemaking that make Bugey special and different from the more famous Jura and Savoie that sandwich the region. He farms some of the usual suspects, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Mondeuse, but also Roussette de Savoie, known locally as Altesse. He blends some into his bubbles, which Bugey was once somewhat famous for, but also separates his old vines into a still Altesse, which is said to be an incredibly serious and mineral wine.

Today, the Peillot family farms only a handful of hectares, all too steep for any machinery to work the land. For Franck, this is good news, as it forces him to stick to the traditions passed down over many years, and keeps his wine's firmly linked to the land. 


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