Newsletter: 2020 Loxarel 'OPS'

Newsletter: 2020 Loxarel 'OPS'

We're all about the little guys at Monarch. Whether it's up and coming producers in new regions, or historic appellations reviving unheard-of grapes, a bottle on our shelves has probably resulted in a puzzling glance from a customer once or twice. But it's the underdogs, the hidden gems, that help make our corner of the wine world as exciting as it is. 

Today's bottle is a testament to this spirit and comes from the hard work of one man and his small, dedicated team. Working to bring back a wine culture in Penedès, Spain that has almost been overrun by the big, brash and monotonous international style, Loxarel has emerged a leader in Catalonia. While you may be familiar with the varieties he grows, you've probably never had anything made like the wines of Loxarel.

It's this wine's sheer voluminous flavor profile that really took our breath away. We couldn't believe how much richness and density could be packed into such a fresh frame. It is a bold, almost brash wine, yet never heavy of overwhelming. This is a TON of wine for the money, and one of the best values we've offered to date. 
2020 Loxarel 'OPS' Tinto - $29.99

Special Newsletter Price - $27.99

*Special 3-Pack Price - $24.99

To order, reply directly to this email or call me at 843.576.4845
Loxarel was founded in 1985 by Josep Mitjans with the goal of reclaiming Penedès from only big wineries and conventional farming. Born to a family of Cava makers, Josep first bottled wine at the age of 16, helping cork almost 1,000 bottles of cava each vintage. After completing his studies in Enology at university, he began working almost immediately to convert the family vineyards to organics and later, biodynamic certification.

He believes the future of wine in Penedès relies on a balance of tradition and modernity, making it his life's works to share this vision with the world. 
Almost entirely Grenache with a touch of Samsó (Carignan), all biodynamically grown. The high-elevation grapes are de-stemmed and undergo a 22-day maceration in clay amphoras, before being racked once. Bottled with light filtration. 

The nose is bursting with blueberries, blackberry jam, violet flowers and a touch of licorice. The broad palate is awash in black cherry and cracked black peppercorns, grippy tannins and tart freshness providing exquisite balance. The perfect wine for grilled meats and barbecue, give this a slight chill and enjoy al fresco.