Newsletter: 2020 Vincent Gaudry 'Le Tournebride' Sancerre

Newsletter: 2020 Vincent Gaudry 'Le Tournebride' Sancerre

Poor Sancerre. Sauvignon Blanc's preeminent terroir has suffered from its' own stardom as of late. The rise in popularity and demand has lead to increased production and, as is usually the case when quantity escalates, a decline in quality. Vineyard land has expanded to the flatlands, where machine harvesting and industrial farming is the norm. Think chemical-laced vineyards where, unfortunately, the main goal of producing large quantities of bland fruit is the new norm. 

One of the few exceptions continues to be Vincent Gaudry. Virtually unknown in the US, his careful, even delicate, farming is a nod to old Sancerre. Showcasing the beautifully complex fruit and piercing, chalky minerals that set his wines apart from the oceans of Sauvignon Blanc which now flood the market. This is a transportive and crystalline white whose uncommon elegance and verve are rarely found in modern Sancerre. A true wine of place and a must for any lover of classic French whites.      

Today, I'm proud to offer the only bottles of 2020 Vincent Gaudry 'Les Tournebride' Sancerre in South Carolina!   

100% Sauvignon Blanc sourced from vineyards which contain all three soil types, a surprising rarity. Each contributes their unique qualities to the finished wine. Fermented using ambient yeasts and aged in stainless steel in order to preserve purity of fruit and mineral cut. 

An electric and chiseled nose of fresh cut citrus, white flowers, quince and a touch of fig. The energetic palate is dominated by chalky minerals supported by delicate white fruit, elegant floral notes and a jolt of crisp citrus acidity. A dazzling, expertly crafted wine, a cut above the rest. 

Pensive, introspective, yet prone to sudden bursts of enthusiasm, Sylvain Bock is much like the wines he makes. His wines project a careful complexity that is belied by their playful labels.

Nestled in a rugged corner of the Ardèche, he clearly loves this part of the world he has chosen to call home — which he describes as the North of the South of France — not only for its terroir of limestone and basalt, but also for the community he has found there among other winemakers. His wines are full of soul, terroir transparency AND are immensely fun to drink. 

2019 Vincent Gaudry 'Les Tournebride' Sancerre - $47.99


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