Producer Spotlight: Cantina Ortaccio 2020

Producer Spotlight: Cantina Ortaccio 2020

A vital and paramount way that Monarch stays ahead of the game is through our friendships with importers. I receive updates and reports on new producer discoveries from these wonderful people several times a month. Always thrilling to receive, I love hearing about what's on the horizon and what will be hitting our shores in the coming months. 

When I heard from our pals at SelectioNaturel about their newest import from Lazio, Cantina Ortaccio, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. Their story, farming and winemaking philosophy align perfectly with our standards here at Monarch.   

These are some of the most fascinating wines I have tasted in some time. Complex and concentrated, bright and elegant. But most importantly, they are sincere wines made from nearly lost and historic vines that were saved from ruins by hard work and sheer determination. If you don't believe one can feel SOUL in a wine, a single sip of these will change your mind.  

Today, I'm proud to offer the full range of enchanting wines from Cantina Ortaccio!


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In 2015, Massimo and Patrizia discovered a small parcel of 70 year old un-grafted, original rooted vines, nearly ruined by local elders who wanted to replant the plot to Pinot Grigio. They knew they couldn't let these historic vines be destroyed. They patiently and painstakingly revived the nearly extinct vineyard

Due to their high elevation and a deeply mineral soil composition of volcanic rock, the vines here have to struggle to survive. The hardships the vines go through yield highly concentrated grapes that create wines with some of the most mesmerizing flavors and textures.

These wines are nearly impossible to find outside of Rome. I suggest acting quickly before it's too late!
'Pocorosso' 2020  $34.99
80% Procanico, a white grape, and 20% Sangiovese. Spontaneous fermentation with a short maceration of both the white and red grapes. Aged in old chestnut barrels for a short time. Bottled without filtering or fining.

A bright, transparent, light reddish pink in the glass that could almost be confused for a rosé. The nose is delicate and uplifting: fresh strawberry, cherry, brown sugar, almonds, blood orange, and blossom. The palate is all tart strawberries and spice with a lingering finish. Super fine tannins and a freshness that makes this a perfect candidate for a slight chill. Forget the rosé and drink this. 
'Vecchi Filari' 2020 $39.99
The old vine blend of 45% Sangiovese, 45% Greghetto, 10% Ciliegiolo. Spontaneous fermentation and aged in used chestnut barrels. No filtering or fining, no temperature control.

A dark fruited nose of black currant and blackberry, coupled with more earthy, savory components such as mushroom and spice. Incredibly graceful on the palate with dark plum, blackberry, cola spice and anise. There are layers upon layers that are revealed as the wine unwinds in your glass. An elegant and deceptively serious wine that pulls you in with each sip. 
'Bianco Dritto' 2020 $39.99
100% Procanico, the wine goes through spontaneous fermentation with six months of skin maceration. In typical Ortaccio fashion, aging takes place in re-worked oak and chestnut barrels. No filtering or fining, no temperature control.  

Lemon verbena, dried white flowers, Mediterranean citrus and dried apricot on the nose. The fruit is reminiscent of one of my favorite winter treats- Hoshigaki- dried and massaged persimmons with baking spice and brown sugar. Bone dry and refreshing on the palate, a touch of soft tannins and great acidity keeps this wine fresh and brisk. The perfect partner for grilled fish.   
'Ortaccio Bianco' 2020 $32.99*

'Ortaccio Rosso' 2020  $35.99*

*prices do not include tax
To order, reply directly to this email or call me at 843.576.4845