Sicily with Oliver McCrum Tasting

Sicily with Oliver McCrum Tasting

Wednesday, September 21st, 6:30 pm 
Sicily is hot right now. Perhaps no other Italian wine region has seen such a stratospheric rise in quality, investment and popularity as of late. Its centuries old vineyards seem to have finally been reinvigorated by a handful of intrepid winemakers producing wines as unique and exciting as anywhere in the world.

This Wednesday, please join us in welcoming Marie Tyler of Oliver McCrum Wines, a Berkley based import company that has been instrumental in introducing the US to small production, family run domaines for the past 30 years. Marie will guide us through a selection of 6 Sicilian wines (details below), each showcasing this island's varied and utterly unique terroir: from the high slopes of Mt. Etna to the coastal west, these are currently some of Italy's most captivating wines. 

If you love Italian wine and want to be in the know, do not miss this opportunity. This is easily one of the most exciting and cutting edge tastings Monarch has had the pleasure of hosting. 

Seating is extremely limited. Reserve your spot by purchasing a ticket today!

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I SUOLI, ETNA - A brand new project from one of Etna's best, Girolamo Russo and his brother Guiseppe. They've embarked on this daring new adventure with the aim of showcasing Etna's elegance. While a lot of Etna's wines remind us of Barolo, I Suoli's are more akin to Burgundy. 
  • Spumante Rosato, Brut Nature 2018
  • Etna Rosso Caldera Sottana 'I Rilievi' 2018
CIRO BIONDI, ETNA - Spanning just five hectares, Ciro Biondi is relatively new, having been founded in 1999, although Ciro's ancestors bottled wine under the Biondi name more than a century ago from an assortment of vineyards passed down through the generations. They're a source of impeccable, pristine whites and reds alike, all from the Southern, elegant face of Etna.
  • Etna Bianco 'Outis' 2018
  • Etna Rosso 'Outis' 2018
CENTROPASSI, CORLEONE - Centopassi is the viticultural and winemaking merger of two Sicilian co-ops, those of Placido Rizzotto-Libera Terra and Pio La Torre-Libera Terra. They run confiscated mafia agricultural holdings, including wine. Not only is the winery's mission virtuous, the quality of their wines are some of the region's best. 
  • Grillo 'Rocce di Pietra Longa' 2020
  • Nero d’Avola 'di Tagghia Via' 2018